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Circo Minimo

Our proposal responds to the competition brief which presented Campo Barigau as ‘void’. For this reason, we decided to work not so much within the void, but on its margins in order to give to it a precise and intelligible form. Our proposal is a collection of tactical and modest interventions all placed along a ‘circus’ that defines the void of the campo. These interventions consist of new topographic features such as paths, steps, retaining walls, new paved areas, trees and other minor – almost banal – pieces of urban furniture. Accompanying the last offshoots of the countryside, the equipped sports area and playground located in the western part of the project area, already sloping, is enhanced and made more easily usable thanks to the introduction of a series of terraces, supported by walls in local stone. One of these terraces already houses the existing football field. The alternation of platforms, stairs, benches and walls with existing and newly planted trees guarantees new and multiple uses of the space, which from a playground can become a terrace for festivals and events, an area for a summer siesta in the shade of holm oaks and poplars. The introduction of terraces also allows the elimination of differences in height with the viale Santa Barbara, which is repaved to give a sense of continuity between the playground and the Piazza dell’Arte. The road ring around the Campo is redesigned to accommodate gentler ways of moving, such as pedestrian and bikes, and in any case to limit the presence of cars, both passing and parked.

Circo Minimo


Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara, with Daniele Ceragno, Vittoria Poletto, Celeste Tellarini