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The new school is for 80 children divided into three groups and it is conceived as circular one-story building. Arranged in a radial configuration, the school is divided into four sections each of which includes both a space for ‘table activities’ and a smaller space for special didactic purposes. The four sections are organized along a north-south axis which acts both as distribution gallery and main hall of the school. All the service spaces for each section (changing rooms, washbasin rooms and toilets) are placed along the east-west axis. This configuration allows each part of the school to both view and access the surrounding garden. A paved surface all around the perimeter of the school allows the didactic space to be extended onto the open space. The low volume of the school is topped by a shed roof whose structural rhythm defines both openings and internal partitions. A cantilevered pergola shades the entire perimeter of the roof, allowing classrooms to be completely open to the outside, becoming one space with the garden.

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Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara, with Vittoria Poletto.